On Set: St. James Place

Two weeks ago a studio started construction on a movie set in the building I work at, signs were posted saying the films title is St. James Place. With a bit of research I found that Steven Spielberg is making an untitled cold war movie which had just received the title ‘St. James Place’. They were going to be shooting that coming Sunday, I couldn’t miss it.
Sunday rolls around and I take my Mamiya RB67 loaded with a roll of Fuji 400H, along with my Canon EOS 7D.
When I get to the location there are crowds of people all over the area, but luckily I snuck around the barriers to the other side of the set. While shooting I met a few people on the film crew, most of them wanted to talk about the massive medium format camera I was lugging around.

The first 9 images you see here are shot with the Mamiya, they turned out perfectly. Fuji really nails it when it comes to color representation (No color correction has been done to the film scans).
The remaining shots were with the 7D I tried to make it a little more cinematic, my favorite cinematographer is Roger Deakins (If you don’t know his work, watch this Roger Deakins Tribute) I tried to make the digital shots like that of the film Revolutionary Road.It was quite a childhood moment watching Steven Spielberg direct

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