My Day With a Leica M

I recently participated in the Leica M Test Drive, which is a promotion that allows you to “test drive” a new Leica M for one day. Before this I had never held a Leica, so when my day with this camera came around it was like Christmas. It took a few shots to get used to the UI and figure out how it shoots, but once you get into the groove of it you do not want to stop. It is the best camera I have ever used, it’s lightweight but incredibly well made, the shutter is very quiet so you can use it out on the street and nobody would even hear it. Now I generally shoot street photos in black and white, but the colors this camera produces are gorgeous (All the photos in the set have not had any color adjustments). If I had one negative about this whole experience is the fact that I had to give it back the next day. If only I had the $9000 to buy one myself.

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