Art on Bond Street

Walking up Bond street you will see many things a few bars/restaurants, small grocers, and graffiti. But along the way your attention may be drawn towards a certain red bricked building covered in beautifully crafted murals on all sides. Last weekend I came across a group of artists adding their new designs atop of the old artwork. Now something I never usually do is actually talk to the people I’m photographing on the streets (blame it on anxiety maybe). The artists were kind enough to let me take a couple shots of them painting the walls. Later on I came back to photograph the finished pieces. If you want to see more of their work I will add links to their social media sites down below.

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On Set: St. James Place

Two weeks ago a studio started construction on a movie set in the building I work at, signs were posted saying the films title is St. James Place. With a bit of research I found that Steven Spielberg is making an untitled cold war movie which had just received the title ‘St. James Place’. They were going to be shooting that coming Sunday, I couldn’t miss it.
Sunday rolls around and I take my Mamiya RB67 loaded with a roll of Fuji 400H, along with my Canon EOS 7D.
When I get to the location there are crowds of people all over the area, but luckily I snuck around the barriers to the other side of the set. While shooting I met a few people on the film crew, most of them wanted to talk about the massive medium format camera I was lugging around.

The first 9 images you see here are shot with the Mamiya, they turned out perfectly. Fuji really nails it when it comes to color representation (No color correction has been done to the film scans).
The remaining shots were with the 7D I tried to make it a little more cinematic, my favorite cinematographer is Roger Deakins (If you don’t know his work, watch this Roger Deakins Tribute) I tried to make the digital shots like that of the film Revolutionary Road.It was quite a childhood moment watching Steven Spielberg direct

September 11th 

I went to Brooklyn the other night to photograph the beams of light for the 9/11 memorial. I’ve been waiting to photograph the memorial lights since I first moved to NY 6 months ago, and I wanted to capture it with different mediums. With me I had my Canon 7D as well as my Mamiya RB67 loaded with some FP-3000B Polaroid film. The first shot is obviously taken with the Mamiya, the second is a panoramic from the 7D. I had to hand stitch it in photoshop because the photomerge was not doing a very good job no color correction was done with the panoramic (it was shot in tungsten). In all I’m very pleased with how these images turned out.

21st Precinct

One of the most mesmerizing art shows I’ve ever seen. The 21st precinct was built in 1863 and will be torn down very soon. But before it’s demolition almost 50 artists from around the world were sent in to showcase their art on these 150 year old walls. Every single inch of wall space was used, and every room I stepped in felt like I was looking into the mind of the artist who created it.

Here is a list of all the artists who collaborated on this incredible project:

Adam Dare, Al Diaz, Amanda Marie, ASVP, Bad Pedestrian, Ben Angotti , Bill Claps, Bishop203, Bunny M., Cash4, Chris RWK, Chris Soria, Coby Kennedy, Curtis Kulig, D. Gaja, Danielle Mastrion, Dasic, Dizmology, Duel, ELLE, Erasmo, Esteban del Valle, Faust, Ghost, GIZ, Hellbent, Hue, Icy & Sot, Iena Cruz, Jesper Haynes, Justin Carty, Ket, Lexi Bella, Li-Hall, Lorenzo Masnah, Matt Siren, Mr. Toll, N. Carlos Jay, Nepo, Nick Tengri, Pesu, Phil, Pixote, RAE, Rambo, Ricardo Cabret, SAE, Savior Elmundo, Shery-o & The Yok, Shiro, Tone Tank, URNY, Vexta, X-O

My Day With a Leica M

I recently participated in the Leica M Test Drive, which is a promotion that allows you to “test drive” a new Leica M for one day. Before this I had never held a Leica, so when my day with this camera came around it was like Christmas. It took a few shots to get used to the UI and figure out how it shoots, but once you get into the groove of it you do not want to stop. It is the best camera I have ever used, it’s lightweight but incredibly well made, the shutter is very quiet so you can use it out on the street and nobody would even hear it. Now I generally shoot street photos in black and white, but the colors this camera produces are gorgeous (All the photos in the set have not had any color adjustments). If I had one negative about this whole experience is the fact that I had to give it back the next day. If only I had the $9000 to buy one myself.

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